The post effects of releasing my innermost pain from hurt, demons and secrets in an effort to heal, was worth every word written in “A Diamond in the Rough.” Most would find it embarrassing putting their business out on front street. I found that I was doing myself a disservice by keeping it in and rotting my insides. It was truly liberating, helped to break generational cycles and mental barriers, which has allowed for emotional growth. We are often living in the past, afraid to explore and take chances and risk, out of fear. There is nothing more freeing, than living in present moments and looking forward to future enjoyment, without being held hostage by my past.

My diagnosis of post traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety, is felt by most at some point in life. Keeping up with worldly news and living through the events of 2020, is certainly enough to bring on these serious and uncomfortable feelings. My fight to rid myself of those labels and feel better, brought about my book. By any means necessary. You never know what anyone is dealing with and some have fallen victim to suicide. Unfortunately, it is the person that is least expected.

I’ve learned, no matter your circumstance and the cards dealt, life continues to move forward and it is expected of us to ride the wave. Despite my shortcomings, there hasn’t been any goals set forth to big of a challenge to achieve or a rejection or a feeling of failure, worth using my past as an excuse.

My healing is ongoing. Somehow, I don’t think you ever heal, just learn to cope and manage through the pain. For what it is worth, I am the vessel the sacrificial lamb to have had my experiences to be of help to you.

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